Benefits to the University

Academic institutions can benefit financially and otherwise by extending their educational mission to include the booming senior population.

Financial benefits

Non-financial benefits

Benefits to Seniors

Many among the upcoming wave of Baby Boomer retirees are not attracted to their parents’ idealized options for seniors – playing golf in Florida or living in an age-segregated leisure community in Arizona.

Campus Continuum offers active adults a combination of benefits difficult to replicate by other means. Even buying a condo near a college and enrolling in classes (not an option at all schools) fails to provide the sense of community and advantages of one-stop shopping we can offer.

Our Dean of Senior Students acts as a liaison with the academic host and assists residents (both individually and as a group) to take advantage of services, including:

Benefits to Society at Large

We are mindful of the benefits to the country-at-large created by residential communities for life-long learners.

Benefits of University-Affiliated Residences for Life-Long Learners

Benefits to:

The University